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Stanhope Primary


Stanhope Primary School has a Pupil Parliament which is made up of a boy and a girl from each class from Year 1 to Year 6, and each class votes for their representative at the start of the school year. The Pupil Parliament then meets weekly.

Members bring concerns raised by their classes to the meetings for discussion. If necessary, these are then taken to the appropriate member of staff. The Pupil Parliament will continue to identify any improvements they think could be made, and specific duties in the past have included overseeing the improvement of our lunch time provision, keeping the corridors displays nice and tidy, and continuing to monitor the progress of school catering.

The Pupil Parliament is also responsible for helping in organising fund raising events each year. Last year we supported Friends of Stanhope in three major events by running our famous Café (Winter Café, Spring Café and Summer Fair Café).

Pupil Parliament benefits all pupils, staff and parents and the wider community because it provides opportunities for pupils to voice their opinions as well as influence the decisions that are made on their behalf.  Pupils relish the opportunity to become a greater part of school life, enjoy making their voices heard and seeing the results of their decisions.

All members of Pupil Parliament also receive training from: https://learning.parliament.uk/en/ .

As individuals, our pupils bring lots of additional skills and abilities to this role in particular, however to be a successful Pupil Parliament Member they need to display all of core values:

Be honest

Be kind

Be empathetic

Be respectful

Be confident


Pupil Parliament 2023/2024

Year group

Names of representatives

Year 1

Rayne and Rashard

Year 2

Gurleen  and Hugo

Year 3

Acacia and Ashton

Year 4

Evelyn and Rawad

Year 5


Year 6


 Pupil Parliament Plan for 2023/2024


pp plan 2023 2024.pdf